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Writing this About page makes me hyperventilate a little because, in my experience, whenever anyone tries to talk about who they are, they almost immediately contradict themselves. Not that I’m never a hypocrite, because I can hypo my crite with the best of them… I just prefer to do it as a result of my own faults and character blindness, and not intentionally. Also, I think most of the things I like to pretend I am, like humble and classy, are immediately negated by the very existence of this About page and my propensity to use the word “fuck” in entirely unnecessary ways.


I live in western New York with my husband and two children, who are homeschooled (yes, by me) and adorable. I work from home in a job that nobody but me understands but that’s cool because they pay me with real money and stuff, and sometimes fly me to Chicago to stay in nice hotels and eat weird pizza. When the stars align, they let me write funny things, too. My scripts have been made into quirky corporate videos and performed live by professional actors/comedians in front of audiences of up to 700+. They laughed in all the right places, so I love every one of them times a zillion.

We have a gigantic dog, a fat, cranky old cat, a rabbit and five chickens who sometimes leave me mean letters and are totally racist.

I’m socially awkward but try real hard (it’s not you, it’s me), and I sometimes struggle with the anxiety I received as a consolation prize when I finally kicked postpartum depression. I like coffee, P!nk, clog dancing, and driving too fast. When I remember to charge the battery in my good camera, I take pictures, including all the ones on this page; the photo at the top of this site is of my daughter’s feet on a day when I was feeling inspired and she was feeling cold and irritated. The whole image looks like this:

I love to write and hope to eventually quit my day job and write books that make people laugh. This blog is very transparently a part of that journey. If you know a publisher or literary agent and send them my way, I will overnight you cookies. That’s right, bribery’s how I play.

I look like this:

Except when I look like this:

Except when I’m in real life, because those two pictures actually look nothing like me at all. Which is why I intend to plaster them all over the internet and then just never come out of my house again.

I do better in writing than in person and love email: jnmarz30 at yahoo.com.


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Love it! I am a therapist who works primarily with women struggling with PPD. So much of what I post focuses in depth on PPD. I am tweeting this to my business twitter account because you note, “I finally kicked postpartum depression”. Good to read something that notes that part of the struggle as well…
carry on,
Mary Jackson Lee, LCSW
Wheaton, IL

Comment by Mary Jackson Lee, LCSW

Thank you for leaving your comment, Mary! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. It took me a long time to know I was depressed; by the time I realized it, I was fortunate enough to be coming out of it. I wish I’d had a therapist to help me find my way back to daylight sooner!

My best to you, and to all the women you help. 🙂

Comment by firstcityline

I’m part of The Bloggess’s book club, which is where I ran across your blog. Happy to read the blog of a fellow fan. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

Comment by SynthesistChronicles

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